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Manuscript Manifestation

"I worked for a few hours on my books! And I'm feeling so much more on track and excited. Can't believe what I am accomplishing!" - Lori Sash-Gail

Manuscript Manifestation

Is your mind bursting with ideas for a book project? Have you been thinking about it for a long time or has it just come to you? Maybe your ideas have been gathering slowly, one diner napkin at a time, and words are now piled one on top of the other, sitting in a box or a drawer, waiting to be used. Or you may be the person who has already written 70 or more pages, but then the flow stopped for some reason or other and it’s hard to get back to your project, hard to know where or how to re-start. Or maybe you just need some guidance, some organizational suggestions, some editing. 


Through working with writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience for over 20 years, I have honed a skill I like to call Manuscript Manifestation.


Gather your boxful of papers, dump out that desk drawer! Bring me your ideas, thoughts, visions, even your fears and doubts about completing your project.  Together we will sort through them. Together, we will find form and structure, together we will create a concrete manifestation of your desire!


There is nothing more magical than seeing your dreams materialize before your very eyes!



* All conversations and shared material , including ideas, are completely confidential.

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