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Tuscan Writers' Retreat
Monday, July 3 — Friday, July 7

Join us for an experience of a lifetime in this incredible Destination Writing Retreat - Write, workshop, eat, drink, swim, walk, explore, nap, get massages... repeat.

~ Aundrea Veney

"I never knew a writing retreat would be so magical! I left feeling nourished with great food, amazing company, priceless memories and a new found love for the stories that live in me. Tanio is a master at her craft. Anyone who is fortunate to experience her retreats are left feeling the same."

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Writer, meet Tuscany!

Bask in the Tuscan sun, explore medieval villages, taste famous wines, take a cooking class, eat local food, meander through olive groves...and write! Inspiration is everywhere in this breathtaking region of Italy. And yes, the photo above is the actual villa!

The Experience

Imagine gazing out the window of your room with a view of rolling hills, olive groves, the sun rising over purplish mountains, still dark from the night. Your hand gently cradles a warm cup of espresso with frothy foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. In front of you sits your journal and a pen, or maybe this morning you’re writing on your laptop. The words are flowing, filling up the blank page with ease. A breeze blows in the window and the scent of flowers wafts up to you as you write and write – your words are coming faster now as each new idea flows from your heart, to your mind and out onto the page.

This is what you’ve needed. This is what you’ve wanted. This time, this space. This community of humans who find pleasure and joy in writing, who dig deep and write through fear or self-doubt, who share and hold and laugh and cry and uplift and rejoice in each other’s stories!

We are here. We are gathering. We are preparing for this journey…Are you being called to join us?

Reach out, I am here. I will be here for you, I will be there for you – all you have to do is show up with an open heart and mind, and a spirit ready for adventure.


Our Days Under the Tuscan Sun

Vacations are meant for leisure and travel is meant for exploring. And writing begs for stability and flourishes in community - Our writing retreat will be a beautiful balance of these elements. 


  • Each day, you will have ample time to write and even read!

  • You will have a 1:1 conference with your writing coach (that's me!) specific to your project

  • You will have the chance to workshop your writing (two writing workshops will be held)

  • Craft Talks will be given that focus on specific points of writing

  • Journal Writing Prompts will be provided for each day of the retreat​

  • Breakfast in bed, anyone?

  • How about some leisure time relaxing by the pool? 

  • Take in the gorgeous scenery as you indulge in a massage

  • Some afternoons will be left open for exploring the Tuscan Countryside, nearby medieval cities, Florence, or even a wine tasting if desired

You may begin this journey with a clear vision of where you want to go. Sometimes that vision, when loosened a little, will open up and expand beyond your wildest dreams. Let the fun begin!

Sample Day of the Retreat 
(with the exception of some afternoons for exploring the area)

  • 9am wake up, coffee or tea, breakfast and grounding journal writing prompt

  • 10am Intention Setting for the day

  • 10:30am-12:30pm  Writing Session 

  • 12:30-1:30 Lunch

  • 1:30-2:30pm Siesta

  • 2:45pm Craft Talk / Writing Workshop

  • 4-5pm Writing Time and 1:1 coaching session

  • 5-7pm Free Time / Swimming / Reading / Strolling / Chatting

  • 7:30/8pm Dinner 

The Details

  • The retreat runs from Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm, with dinner between 7- 8pm

  • Check in starts Sunday 12pm, July 2nd / Check out Saturday by 10am July 8th

  • You have the option to arrive early, starting Tuesday, June 27th (ask about  cost for additional nights)

  • Transport can be arranged from the airport to the villa (not included)

  • You have the option to rent a car, with a discount, through Avis (ask for details)

  • There are buses and trains to surrounding towns and cities, including Florence

Ready to reserve your space?

Use the button below to purchase your deposit ticket and reserve your space. I'll contact you shortly to confirm your details, discuss your preferences, and finalize your retreat package! 


Tam Orlando

Rebecca Lazaroff


  • Chef-prepared meals will be served each day for the retreat (Monday-Friday)

  • Fresh bread, fruits, veggies, cheese, eggs, meats, etc will be available for self-serve breakfasts and lunches (Monday-Friday)

  • A small pizzeria is a short jaunt away; a larger town with more shops is nearby

  • We will eat out at local restaurants 1-2 nights (not included)

  • Special Requests - If you have any food allergies or need vegan or vegetarian options, please let us know in advance


Chef Sabrina will create gourmet 3-4 course meals for us! Fresh homemade pasta, anyone?


She'll also offer a hands-on cooking class to help you unleash your inner chef and create dishes you can prepare at home to relish in a slice of your Tuscany retreat experience (or wow your friends and family!)


Travel Insurance

Three types of travel insurance are included to protect your trip under specific circumstances:

  • Stay Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation Guarantee due to Lockdown by Emma Villas

  • Zer0Dep guarantee by Europ Assistance


Additional insurance is required (ask for more details)

~  Leigh Giles Brown

"The Luxurious Writer's Retreat in the Hamptons provided the spark I needed to move forward with a screenplay I had been working on for more than a year. That was my first time participating in a retreat and I found it both engaging and informative. Best of all, my creative side woke up and has stayed present ever since! Thank you Tanio for your thoughtful guidance! "

Your Investment

• $3,500 for a shared room with two single beds / $5,000 for a private room 

   (does not include airfare or transport from the airport)

  • 6 nights at the villa, 2 chef-prepared meals per day, a cooking class, writing workshops, craft talks, 1:1 coaching...all included!

Discovery Call
~ Angela Davenport

"Participating in the writing retreat was like stepping into a community of healers; it’s a literal and metaphorical open space for true creative energy, vulnerability, and growth."

Angela Conway-Davenport Square.webp

Ready to reserve your space?

Use the button below to purchase your deposit ticket and reserve your space. I'll contact you shortly to confirm your details, discuss your preferences, and finalize your retreat package!