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This class is so dear to me. I feel like I am FINALLY doing something I love.

Rebecca L.

Memoir Writing Workshops

We all have at least one story in us.  This workshop series is designed for those who desire to write based on their own experiences, knowledge, insights, inspirations, dreams, or family histories. It is for those who are called to create in the form of the written word. No matter your background (lifelong journaling, published, unpublished, business writer, creative thinker) you will find a place to create, learn and get support for your writing. Whether you are working on a memoir, spiritual book, family history, narrative nonfiction story/essay, or just want to explore the genre or even push its limits, this workshop is for you!
A unique approach to the workshop format
In addition to weekly work-shopping, where participants share copies of their work to read, discuss and get feedback on, specific writing techniques are introduced. Throughout the series, we look at different aspects of writing in a way that is designed to enhance and support your skills by providing scaffolding upon which your projects can be built. This includes structural aspects of writing pieces of varying lengths. For those interested in sharing your stories with the world, preparation for and guidance about getting published is offered.
These workshops are designed for writers of all levels


Never having participated in a Memoir Writing workshop before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up. From the beginning, this has been a wonderful and personally rewarding experience. Being encouraged to write through guided strategies and also having the opportunity to share intimate insights and receive vital feedback from other writers has been both inspiration and motivational. Being here is the highlight of my week.  -  Monique C.

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