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Here you'll find supporting resources related to my published works, online and in-person workshops, retreats, and other events.


In this podcast episode facilitated by the fabulous Laura Di Franco, four authors (including myself) discuss our chapters in the recently released Amazon best-selling book The Ancestors Within, Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins.


This audio visualization is from page 197 of my chapter in The Ancestors Within.  The visualization is written by myself and read by Johanna Maria Rose.

Tapping into Your New Narrative by Tanio McCallumRead by Johanna Maria Rose
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SYKM Podcast New Cover.jpg

If you ever need a little boost of positivity, light, and inspiration. Listen and subscribe to the podcast Saving You Is Killing Me.

In this episode, I speak with Andrea Seydel on the power of free writing and how you can use it to change your narrative and manifest change—both within yourself and the world around you.


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