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The Ancestors Within

The Ancestors Within

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Your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment. . . and the next!


What if you had an opportunity to discover and connect with your ancient origins, and the gifts passed on to you from those ancestors? What if those discoveries brought healing you never thought possible?


Amy Gillespie Dougherty, founder of Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading, and her expert author cast give exactly that and more in this third book in a powerful series.


The Ancestors Within, Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins is a collaboration that brings the best of the world’s ancestral healing professionals together to help you understand how to open up a magical door to a better life, mind, body, and soul. You’ll connect the dots and use clues to discover yourself in a whole new way.


The stories and tools offered are placed upon a unique altar, specifically designed for your reading pleasure, but infused with energy that transcends most barriers. The combined knowledge and wisdom here is profound. The genuine passion these authors have to guide you on your journey to health, wealth, and happiness is palpable.


With tools that surpass DNA analysis, get ready to journey within and uncover answers to questions you’ve been asking for a lifetime.



"Through each of these captivating personal short stories, the authors share ways in which they've connected with themselves and their ancestors, and ultimately, how they have transformed their lives. It's more of a journey than a book!" 

— Sakura Sutter, intuitive medium, spiritual hypnotherapist, radio host of Love From the Hyp


"Past and present merge magically in The Ancestors Within. It's a sumptuous treasure trove, full of sublime stories and wonderful wisdom that take the reader on an immersive experience, as deep as our ancestral lines themselves. The tools that each expert contributor generously offers are potent gifts designed to support and empower us in the now, bridge the gap between generations. Whether you want to unlock the gifts of your ancestors, understand your heritage or just connect with their legacy that lies within your very being, this book is a hugely valuable resource." 

— JJ Stenhouse, The Practical Alchemist, coach. radio host. magazine editor,  speaker, writer

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