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Writing Coach

My lighthouse
You're the light
That brings
My Ship in

-Lori Sash-Gail

Writing Coach

Whether you have an idea for an article, blog, a family history book that combines photos with stories, an inspirational coffee-table book, a quote book, a deck of Tarot cards or greeting cards, or anything else that involves writing, I offer my guidance and expertise. 

If you want to know what it is like to work with me, from someone who is not me, please read on...



Tanio has a way of gently leading you to a destination with your writing.  I walked up the red brick stairs of her yellow 1800’s home, lugging a huge, white box called “Book.” In my box were dozens of scribblings written on yellow “Post It’s,” paper napkins, and Greek diner placemats that I had collected for over 12 years.  There was also a semblance of an outline of a book I had been writing with a few chapter headings, but no true organization, and nothing resembling a book.  Sometimes I added to it, once I wrote an outline, but mostly, it just sat until I met Tanio.


A Method to Organize

Tanio gave me a method to organize my materials, allowing me to discover that there was actually a true form to my creative madness. She quietly and almost secretly guided me to a goal.  It was a larger goal than I first conceived. For instance, I was going to write an inspirational book of poems but it took on a larger scope, which included short stories and photographs. She also has the best laugh ever! 


Tanio allowed my work to emerge organically and helped me find that each piece, whether it’s one poem, a story, or a book has a goal, and a life of its own. I learned that it’s only for the writer to “ready the house” with a welcome sign so a fabulous guest can come visit.


Inductive not Reductive

Tanio is not afraid of words! She is creative in her own right as a teacher, and believes strongly in the process of complete story telling, always opting for the whole pie, and not a slice.  She explained to me, 


“If you write the whole story, then it can be used for different projects and it will inform the reader and make the writing richer.  Don’t be afraid.”  I didn’t actually know there was more story in me until I began telling her, whereupon she urged me, “Write it!”  And jammed the pen quickly in my hand.


By experiencing her insights, quiet directionals, and critical insights, I found the writing process to be thrilling.  She is steadfast in her encouragement and acceptance, but without personal agenda. Her main goal was to magnify and help the writing bloom to its fullest potential, each piece being almost like raising a child.   At first, I thought I only had one book to write.  When we were done with my first session, I discovered that I had 4 books in my box labeled “Book”.  


Tanio has been my lighthouse, helping me to bring many years of work into a safe harbor where it can be compiled into a book or books, and redistributed out to sea where it will perhaps visit other lands.

Lori Sash-Gail

Class Student

Private Student


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