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Luxurious Writers' Retreat - November 2021 - East Hampton, NY

A photo of person standing on the beach at East Hampton, NY, overlooking the breaking surf. A fence runs through the sand and the sky is a soft blue.

“Luxury” and “retreat” went hand-in-hand to create a unique experience in a beautiful beach location. We walked around in robes and slippers, ate delish food, hung out on the beach and ONE of us (I won’t t say who) actually went swimming - in New York in November. What?!

7 images arranged like classic polaroids on a scrapbook page depicting people relaxing on overstuffed chairs while writing, lounging on the beach, sitting at a dining table, and taking group selfies in warm winter clothing.

We also workshopped, crafted and created - we danced and had so much fun, forming a bond that still remains! Thank you!

Event poster showing a beach house with lounge chairs, a balcony, and surrounding woods, red metal table and four chairs near a firepit in a lush, wooded area as well as a beach sunset in vivid blues and pinks. Text description: LUXURIOUS WRITER'S RETREAT. A WEEKEND IN EAST HAMPTON. 12pm Friday, November 5th - 12pm Sunday November 7th. Enjoy writing on the cozy couch, by the Hot Tub, or at a nearby cafe. 1:1 intensive with me focused on one chapter of your book. In-depth workshopping of one chapter, with detailed comments. An Artist's date at Sag Harbor Books. Lovely company. good books, yummy food, inspiring surroundings.

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