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Tuscany Writing Retreat 2023

What a journey! Tuscany is even more beautiful than I remembered, the villa was even more gorgeous and spacious than the pictures showed, the property exceeded all of my expectations, but was exactly what I envisioned when I set out to create my first international writing retreat in Tuscany!

And don't even get me started on the wonders of Chef Sabrina.

Or the deeply moving, brave and courageous writing and sharing that took place in the sacred space of the retreat.

The tours, the wine-tasting, the lounging poolside, the sound of laughter echoing throughout the villa ...these things I will hold dear to my heart.

"This is a life-changing experience," was uttered by all at different times throughout our week together. And it was. We all felt it - the internal shifts brought about by our time together and alone in this magical place.

A grid of 12 images arranged like classic polaroids depicting people relaxing outdoors in a wooded area, lounging next to a fireplace, using singing bowls, eating food, and making collages.

The way our writing and, now that we are back, our way of living and appreciating and savoring has changed and will continue to as we step more and more into our true selves and our own writing.

We own our writing more. We own our Selves more. We own our lives more.

Even as the facilitator of this experience, I felt the shift. This is what I am meant to be doing. This is where I belong.

These words echoed inside me, just as loudly as the wild laughter of women being young girls again, if only for a moment.

Beyond my wildest dreams. If you were to ask me how the Tuscan Writing Retreat was, that is how I would answer you.

And...drum roll....for those of you who missed it this time around, I've got great news! I am hosting another Tuscan Writing Retreat at this villa next summer!

Details will be coming soon. Join my mailing list using the form below this post to make sure you're among the first to know about my next life-changing destination writing retreat.

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