Spring Writing Retreat 2022

This retreat affirmed what I already believed - that when a spark of inspiration meets a clear vision and belief in the value of that vision, anything is possible! And deep in the heart of my bones, I know this is also true for our writing.

I wanted to take a few moments to thank each one of you. Every single human who was present on Sunday, April 30th has a magic inside them - inside YOU.

Each one of you offered something that is uniquely yours.

Each one of you shared something that only you could share.

Each one of you brought something that no one else could bring.

Each one of you has an energy that vibrates at a pitch that only you emit.

Each one of you has a light inside that glows a different hue.

Each one of you has intrinsic value embedded in every single cell.

Each one of you grace this earth in a completely different and essential way.

Each word you write has the power to convey all that you - and only you - can say.

Each one of you have your own voice and your own story to tell.

Thank you for showing up with the WHOLE you. For bring present in every way for the experience of the retreat, for yourselves, for each other.

Together, we created Magic! We created Power! We created Energy that everyone felt. We did that together. Thank you!

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