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Spring Writing Retreat 2022

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Location, location, location - we spent a magical spring day in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, enjoying every nook and cranny and the incredible way nature and architecture found harmony and lent inspiration to our writing and workshopping.

A grid of 12 images arranged like classic polaroids depicting people relaxing outdoors in a wooded area, lounging next to a fireplace, using singing bowls, eating food, and making collages.

Our guest speaker, Lisa Levart of Goddess on Earth introduced her Oracle Deck (which I edited), and we dove deep into our writing, with breaks for acupressure treatments on our hands and feet. The day ended with a walking meditation and a sound bath.

Together, we created Magic! We created Power! We created Energy that everyone felt. We did that together. Thank you!

Event poster showing a red metal table and four chairs near a firepit in a lush, wooded area. Text description: Spring Writing Retreat. Saturday April 30th 10-6pm. Treat Yourself to a day of Writing & Relaxation. Moving Meditation - Nature walk. Workshopping and Spot Coaching. Using Your Intuition as Inspiration. Delish Organic Food - Relaxation Station. To register:

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